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At this important time on Earth shift your focus to what matters most who you are becoming — and how you are offering your gifts to this world so that humanity can live in harmony with the Earth, experiencing more abundance, health, wealth, joy, love, peace, and purpose driven lives where everyone gets to thrive. Whether that means healing your trauma, reigniting your relationship with your Soul, discovering why you came to Earth, or activating your powers to co-create a wildly prosperous life, the events, one-on-one mentorship, courses, and retreats with Ahaumna here on Soulful Luxury will help you quantum leap into the life you know you are here to lead.

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A lot of people in this world are chasing the glamour and illusions of ego.

A lot of people in this world are chasing the glamour and illusions of ego. Ahaumna works with you to help you elevate and liberate your life to experience the REAL Luxury, a life lived through your Soul.

Ahaumna’s programs have touched thousands of lives on 6 continents.

Success Stories

“Ahaumna is a clear vessel who reflects back to me all parts of me that I may not be seeing clearly. The clarity and laser-sharp accuracy of her guidance are exactly what I needed to be able to be able to transform my life in a profound way. Having Ahaumna as my soul ally allowed me to feel supported and encouraged to break the bonds of fear and step into my joy and bliss and power. I knew my soul was calling me into my highest destiny, and yet I had too much fear and things to clear that were holding me back. Hiring Ahaumna was the best thing I could have done and now 3 months later my life has done a 180 and I’m aligned with my highest destiny living my dream. 
I am so grateful for Ahaumna in so many ways. Ahaumna is one of the most grounded, expanded and integral human beings I’ve ever met. With Jess, I feel I have a soul ally and a friend. I feel respected and supported. Thank you, SOul, much, Ahaumna for everything you are and do on this planet!!!”.

Katie Hamilton

“It was so illuminating to speak with you yesterday. I am SO grateful for you and the work you do — an am in AWE of it all!
Thank you for sharing your lovely self. There are so many things that keep opening up for me, and the reading you did for me helped me to put a couple of more pieces together of what it is I am up to and about in this lifetime. I am so humbled to speak with someone of a like mind… Truly mind-blowing for me actually. Sometimes I feel kind of alone with my thoughts and ways of looking at and processing things. So much of it is okay as I delve deeper into what is my highest and best. Thank you to your insight into my life and helping me — feels like I am getting more traction in my life. So many of what has felt like “wrong turns” though I know that they are not when considered with the whole.”

Holly Mattingly

“I’d love to share that my destiny mapping session with Ahaumna was a chain of revelations & ‘aha’ moments for me. The transmission of the my-unique-design and a confirmation of the life purpose was vibrating & opening within my body, on a deep cellular level even few days after the session itself. I listened to the session recording once again and another wave of remembering emerged. It’s an amazing gift that brings enormous clarity around your unique design and your unique life purpose. Combining astrological, human design & gene keys wisdom takes you on the most profound journey within, opening so much space for exploration, healing & living your most epic life on this earth. Thanks, Ahaumna for holding this space so gracefully, in such high frequency. I felt very safe, honored and celebrated.”

Jurate B.

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