My Journey of Merging Spirituality and Money

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For the longest time I bought into the collective story that spirituality and money cannot go together.

That it wasn’t “spiritual” to be wealthy and make a living, receive money offering spiritual services….spiritual services being anything creative, healing, holy.

This collective story was imprinted DEEPLY by the “powers that be” yet they were gaslighting ALL of us because behind the scenes the most wealthy organizations on the planet were merging their ideas of spirit and money to take over the world (through religion)…because they knew that spirit (energy) and money (matter) when merged together allowed people to create and be anything in this world.

Since their vision was to be in power OVER people, they needed to gaslight everyone into feeling ashamed even thinking about spirit and money together.

When I started my spiritually oriented business back in 2013 before it was cool to do so, I received a lot of hate…I received a lot of hate for years actually….and still to this day I receive at times people who want to project a story onto me that I am “bad or wrong or unspiritual” for working with money. 

As if we could ever be “unspiritual” when spirit is all that there is, spirit is money, spirit is matter, it’s all of it…

For years I was mentally, emotionally, and even there were a few times of physical abuse because I was merging spirituality and money in a way that made people very uncomfortable because they were running the program that was collectively instilled in them to keep control over the planet.

The sad reality is, they believed that their disconnection to money made them more spiritual, more elite, and superior to those like myself who were merging the two. Yet that very belief and program was created by the anti-krystic coding to control us. Nothing holy about that…

For many of these years, the constant abuse was because I was not fully free from this story myself, so it was being reflected back to me through others. As I worked my way out of this mental trap and saw why it was put into place, and began experiencing financial freedom out of the matrix, I so deeply wanted this for others too.

Money showed me that she needed us, she needed lightworkers, to hold her, use her and steward her into a new dawn for humanity.

That spirit and money needed to merge in the hands of love to change the world.

So no matter what people said to me…did to me…I kept moving forward knowing this was my path, and the hill I would die on before I dared let anyone stop my voice.

And boy o boy did they ever try…I was removed and kicked out of multiple Facebook(TM) groups, because I would talk about the Planetary Templar Activation work, and Soul Embodiment work that I do, the Multidimensional Healing and people would go look at my profile, see I also talk about money and come back to my post in the groups to tear me down.

There would be dozens of people hating me in the comments…it got so bad at one point a group attack was so intense, I began feeling hands wrapped around my throat trying to silence me. It was energetically happening, they were spell casting, and I ended up with a giant rash that looked like someone choked me around my neck.

This happened at the same time I had just invested all of my savings (nearly $50k into building the new Quantum Money Community platform which was my instructions from God to build).

During this time I was really questioning a lot of things, who was I to start such a movement, this was a lot of money to invest, it took 9-months to birth and build with a team of 4, while my body was still healing from one of the most challenging health crisis of my life. 

I was also being given the responsibility for significant planetary missions and I was concerned that people would dismiss me as Guardian Speaker because I steward the QMC as well. 

The voice of this wound that you cannot merge spirit and matter was LOUD in my bones, and so the outer experience was viceral, violent, and brought me to my knees. 

Because I was removed from the group after this energetic attack. Then this group began speaking to people that I was a false light, that I was causing harm, that I shouldn’t be trusted (all because I work with money too!)

I won’t lie to you, this silenced me for some time in the face of wealth. I let it silence me, because the planetary mission was so important I spent a year after this new community site was up and running not sharing about it because of this wound. 

This is when I realized that something truly did not want this mission to happen, to be realized, and would use threat, force, and physical assault to try and stop it.

The Truth in my being is that I wasn’t physically strong enough yet to boldy come forth even louder than before. So I patiently waited, while our small community thrived behind closed doors and I began planting seeds for this message to ripen within me.

I waited for Gods voice, to tell me it was time to move, to grow, to become the loudest voice in the room for this message that money and spirit are destined to merge through our bodies, through our lives, to awaken the world. 

Now I am soul rooted in this knowing, this movement, this community, this message that Spirit and Matter (Money) must merge, that money needs us, money needs Soul led beings to hold and steward her, and humanity into a new dawn.

It happens through the healers, wisdom keepers, awakening souls coming deeply into their body, and holding real wealth that impacts how they vote, how to choose, how they invest, what they invest in, and the money shifts from being raped and enslaved by false Gods, and moves into the hands of real heart leaders that change the world.

This is what the Quantum Money Community was created for. To become a safe space for lightworkers, healers, wisdom keepers, ancient souls with future vision to heal this wound, to reclaim their true abundant blueprint, and change the story by modeling the potency of spirit and matter merging through their lives being the living testimony that more money does not make you unholy.

More money can actually fuel a great spiritual revolution that changes the world.

People who join the community feel they are a part of this movement deep in their bones.

They feel the disconnection when people try to shame them for selling their healing work, their magical herbs, their energetic potency, it feels off in their bones to think that someone with so much to give to this world should not be financially provided for and they are brave enough to show up and melt that shame away to let a new dawn emerge in their bones and through their blood.

This is what we stand for inside QMC. This is a community, a membership that you join because you know deep in your soul you are here for this movement. This is not a course to consume, and then leave behind, this is a collective body of energy that will change the world.

I hope these words from my heart are received by yours today, especially if you have ever felt shamed, guilted, blamed, judged, for wanting to make a living for yourself, wanting to claim wealth for your life as a soulful entrepreneur or spiritually led business…you are the future of wealth this world deeply needs and QMC is full of people who share that same vision and want to see you reach it fully.

In Loving Devotion, 

Ahaumna AhMaYah

Your Wealth Wellness Guide at the Quantum Money Community


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  1. Nazya

    I hear you sister. Thank you for your voice & Authenticity that gravitated me to you in divine sequence. To this beautiful unfolding. The roots are calling to intertwine in deeper rootings🙏🏻.. The Tree of Life calls for fertile soil imeprative for good seeds to sprout. Humbled.

    • Ahaumna

      you’re welcome!


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