Guardian Update + January 29, 2024

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At this time every pyramid on the planet is running through previous activation sequences that have been flame run by many core shields for thousands of years including sequences that were run by Yeshua and Magdelena.

Thousands of years of Kryst frequencies running live through the pyramids.

This has never happened before!

Let’s go into some context here…

After the dormant underwater pyramid was reclaimed and brought back online in the Atlantic Ocean last August with the Azores mission what also took place was a deep underwater base that was running the reversal base 10, anti-christ programs through the planet was shut down as well.

At this time 8 planets (including the lunar nodes) went into retrograde.

This was the great reset and as it is called, “pulling back the hands of time”

They describe it like a sling shot effect.

During this pulling back many of the pyramids around the world went offline, except the major sites linked into the Atlantean underwater Pyramid complex that connects our milky way back to M31 Andromeda galaxy pyramid sites.

During this pulling back as well many things happened…

Life on Earth got very challenging for many people as this caused a massive surfacing of monadic family trauma that was able to be processed through out the outer dimensions all the way down to density one for the first time since pre TAra fall when this access was shut down.

I dont know a single person who did not undergo massive life re-evaluation, change, challenge, and at times crisis during this period.

Many krystic family contracts also ended and closed as a result and larger transitions took place as hosting contracts were cleared and outer body “trauma bonds” (which is the closest language we have on earth to describe this) were released.

We were waiting until now with all planets involved (and all major planets of this suns solar logos) are stationed direct as the completion of this collective wide purge where many systems “of power” behind the scenes were also dismantled quietly.

The direct motion of Uranus the last in this larger transformation triggered a series of waves – some observed as solar flares, most coming from the inner domains of Gaia’s consciousness and the deep space of the planetary star crystal seals.

These influxing frequencies are running live through every activated pyramid on planet at this time, both above ground, underwater, in the cloud cities and etheric planes.

This type of massive influx of cosmic proportions is bound to cause upheaval and masses of people rising in various ways.

As well as major force through the elementals of the planet (which manifest as weather).

This will go on for some time, and will continue to increase in frequencies throughout May of 2025.

Though May of 2024 we will get a bit of a “break” until later in 2024 where the energy will stop ramping up.

We will also see a shift in how the Consciousness of the sentient life on Earth (thats not only human, animals, plant’s, ext) responds to the influxing energy (towards a lightening / better) after the series of activations that will be running from east to west across the Rod of the planet in March starting in the eye of the Golden Eagle with Kauai Mission.

From now until then, the larger consciousness of the planet may find these influxing energies exhilarating in ways that promote creativity in those who have been preparing their biospiritual templar, as well as tempers in those who have neglected to consciously participate in the Real World of their comic assignment as of yet.

Everything is as it should be.

Everything is ordained in the highest light.

Deep change is a necessity.

This is the end of our update.❤️

In Loving Devotion,
Ahaumna AhMaYah Shae Ayana and the council of ECouShaTa, Rainbow Krystal Host Speakers.



  1. Rajni

    Love this. Ty for updating.

    • Ahaumna

      you’re welcome beauty!


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