Your Breath Holds the Secrets for Your Wealth!

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I took a deep breathe in and felt this massive contraction happen inside of my body. My breath skipped from my hips all they way up to my lungs as though it had completely bypassed through my stomach that was clenched tightly, so tightly I had forgotten what it was like to not be tense and closed. At this time of my life, I also believed that it wasn’t spiritual to receive money, so I lived out of my car and offered my services to people freely.

Back then I didn’t know that there was a correlation between the tension in my stomach, my bodies resistance to breathing in fully, and my desire to not receive money.

Back then I didn’t know that I would go minutes of my day without breathing at all. Somedays, when I began actually realizing my body was stopping breath, I would go upwards of 3-5 minutes without taking a breath! I was just holding it all in, and not allowing any new energy in, now I know of course I couldn’t receive money at that time, my body wasn’t open to receive any energy, no breath, no money. 

When I began reorienting myself into a business mindset, after money came to me in a meditation asking me to work with her, to steward her, which meant actually charging people for my services and starting a legitimate business, I had a lot of work to do on my inner world, and my body. For claiming that I was ready to actually create money, and actually physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually being available to receive, hold, and steward wealth were two very different things. 

If I couldn’t even taken in a full breath, how could I ever expect myself to receive money? When money is just energy, and the first place we receive energy is through out breath, which I was then clearly closed off to. 

It was at this time in my life, nearly 10 years ago when I began learning breathwork and started to really study my body and how much tension, resistance, tightness, and fear would arise within me surrounding even just normal breath, let alone more intensive breathwork that required suspension and retention! For years I would go into a total panic at the idea of holding the breath out, which made no sense considering I would go 3-5minutes unconsciously holding the breath out as a trauma response to nagivating intense energies as a child. The difference was, in breathwork I was becoming Conscious of holding the breathe out, and how terrifying it was to be empty, yet how I was creating emptiness as a result of this very terror. I was creating emptiness in my body, as it was slowly declining towards a total breakdown, and I was living in total emptiness in my financial reserves which were completely non-existent. 

I realized back then the deep connection between money and breathing, they are both afterall energy, spirit, prana, chi! 

Which meant, if I wanted to create a new relationship with money, I needed to create a new relationship with breathing. 

To create a new relationship with breathing, I would need to actually study my breathing patterns and get clear on what was actually going on within my body, and lung meridian. The Lung Money Meridian (TM) being the place that brings new money, new energy into our life, it’s no surprise that I was so tense here, so resistant here, after abusing my lungs for 18 years of heavy cannabis addition. I have forgiven myself for moving through the world with deep trauma and pain, finding ways to cope with the immensity of a multidimensional existence in a world that was so limited in it’s expression. I have also forgiven my beloved body for being so afraid for so long to let energy, to let love, to let money in, because she didn’t feel safe. 

Now I know that I can use my breath as a training ground whenever my life is begining to hit a plateau of growth, or to feel financially stagnant. That these patterns will show up in my body, and when I know how to correct them, which I do through Yin/Yan Breathing paired with Unconscious Programming techniques of Rapid Resolution Therapy and Neurohypnotic Repatternings that I lead others through inside of, Breath In New Wealth  which I am leading live on March 11, 2024 at 6pm EST (you can register to join here!)

In my years of mentoring people in the world of money trauma, and healing one’s relationship with money as a spiritual act of devotion, I have come to see the many ways that people’s money stories are directly showing up in their breathing. 

Because how you breath, will be how you give and receive money. 

  • You want to change how you give and receive money?
  • You want to expand your capacity to give and receive money?
  • You want to have a healthier relationship with money that feels secure?

You must work with your breathing, this is where the patterns for how energy (which is all money is!) enters your life, or not. 

Now, take a deep breath with me…and realize that what you have just done right there in this moment holds the capacity to completely change your life with a little intention, and a little guidance on what to look for, and how to open more deeply, anything is possible. 

Today, I don’t hold my breath for 3-5 minutes unconsciously at a time in fear that letting more energy in will literally destroy me…yes that was my deep unconscious belief, that if I let more energy in, as my experience with energy was so far out there, wild and intense at times, that it would destroy me…so I started to unconsciously deny energy, by denying my breath and thus doing something that could literally destroy me! Because we kind of need oxygen to live here, just like we kind of need money to operate in the physical world, whether all parts of us like it or not!

I don’t know about you, I think it’s pretty cool that we can actively participate in the creation process through our breath which ultimately allows us to touch our unconscious. For our breath is fully an unconscious process, that when consciously engaged for periods of time intentionally can actively create a bridge to seed new programs into the unconscious, to replace ones that no longer serve us. 

Let’s take it a little deeper now, shall we? 

This beautiful body you know as Ahaumna, she was born 2-weeks late. 

That means she waited to come into this world, pretty much until the last minute that she possibly could, (and I know some of you right now are thinking why is she talking about her body in this way…it’s a walk-in thing, because I wasn’t in this body when it was born, so just roll with it and expand into multidimensionality with me for just a moment…) now this meant that this beautiful body went 2 whole weeks more without breathing in this world when she was naturally designed to…maybe it makes sense then why she was so comfortable and running this deep pattern of not receiving from this world, not breathing it in. Some of our deepest patterns that are playing out in our lives right now were created in the womb, and they may very well not be serving anymore. I know this pattern wasn’t serving me, or my current mission and dharma which involves Deeply Receiving, Receiving in ways beyond what humanity has ever known possible before! 

So if through Yin/Yang breathing (which is what I guide people through) we can touch the unconscious and not only touch it, begin to completely inform it, update outdated programs with new ones that are aligned with being abundant in this world, capable, able, to receive, hold, and grow energy, consciousness, money in this world…then how freakin cool is that!?!

If you’re like me, and find the human body fascinating, consciousness enticing, and the capabilities of what we can create here incredible when the two merge then you may just find Breathe in New Wealth to be a mind bending, heart opening, life accelerating experience you want to be in the room for! 

Enter the room by registering here before March 11!

That’s all for now…

We RISE Together or Not At ALL.

Ahaumna AhMaYah Shae Ayana


  1. Aaron Gaffney

    Wow, what a fabulous story! Love, hearing, more bits and pieces of your life and journey, Ahaumna. My daughter came to the Earth three weeks “late“, by the usual measures. But as a true Taurus, as well as Aries, which we thought she was going to be, she was determined to come in at exactly the right moment for her natal chart arrangement to be what it was. Literally just hours into Taurus season launching that year, 2016 when she decided to arrive!

    • Ahaumna

      Yes my mother always says, “you had a your own timeline, and no one was going to stop you entering at the exact moment you want to” LOL. When you know you know. Thank you for sharing this similarity with your daughter, I love it!


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