A life devoted to a world where everyone thrives!

A life devoted to a world where everyone thrives!

Professional Speaker, Multidimensional Healer, Mentor, Author, Galactic Wisdom Keeper, Soul Led Life Activist

Ahaumna lives in a pristine devotion to serving the divine through empowering women and men from around the world in elevating their worth, value, mission and liberating their finances, health, and spirit. She has been a mentor for over a decade and her courses, retreats, writing, and talks have helped to awaken, inspire, and bring joy through the transformational powers of soul embodiment.

Her journey has been a winding path of Soul Integration and becoming Ahaumna through her own heroines journey of healing abuduction trauma, sexual abuse, poverty, and the intense path of being a soul-walk-in she has cultivated within her an unshakable faith and a gentle yet profound way of moving through this world that changes lives. When a life threatening crisis changed the course of Ahaumna’s life she had no choice, she had to find the fastest, most effective ways to heal her body, stabalize her energy, and usher in a new way of being that led her to travel the world working with the absolute best and most radical minds in the health and wellness space to find the modalities, practices, and technologies that saved her life. She has since devoted herself to learning, studying, and offering these tools to quickly and efficiently change people’s lives.

Ahaumna works with the leaders of leaders, those who are here to awaken the masses, and is the “healers healer” People seek out Ahaumna’s work because they know that she can take them to the deepest places few can access and her approach is to empower you with the skills to do it yourself.

Her goal is to see a world where every human has evolved beyond the glamour and illusions of Ego and is living in the grounded embodiment of their Soul, thriving, activated, and alive on purpose. She believes that everyone is gifted with a super power, and everyone has the ability to access their own healing and wisdom. Her role is to be the guide that leads the way so that you can lead the way for others.

Thousands of people across 6 continents have experienced transcendence through Ahaumna’s online programs and courses

Ahaumna has created and sold out over 60 paid trainings assisting people to come home to themselves, evolve, grow, and access their unlimited nature. With over a decade of experience as a mentor, spiritual teacher, and energy alchemist Ahaumna’s programs offer you the embodiment tools, energetic mechanics, and deep somatic healing and upleveling your Soul longs for. Her programs continue to sell out, and her clients continue to come back again and again with a 85% retention rating of returning customers..

Embodied Activation of your Higher Self

Ahaumna has led in-person retreats in Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Montana, South Carolina, and California. Today she leads retreats on sacred lands in South Carolina. She has facilitated in person transformations at some of the most potent activation sites on the planet including Glastonbury, Bali, Lake Titicaca, Machu Pichu, Iceland, the Great Pyramid, Tulum, Kauai, Mt. Shasta, these activations are a part of her Souls mission to assist the planetary activations through individuals coming back online to their True Identity as cosmic beings. Her in person retreats, activations, and healing ceremonies are incredible experiences that take you beyond this world into parts of yourself that humanity has held dormant for far to long.

My life as a walk-in

Get to know Ahaumna’s journey and what has brought her to this work more intimately.

Experience Quantum Wealth

Do you know the difference between linear money and quantum money? Understanding the difference will drastically change your financial experience..

What’s keeping you from taking aligned action?

Are you ready to break through the collective noise that is begging you to stay small, dim your light?

“Some creators use canvas, paints, acrylics, and oils to birth their masterpieces into this world, we call them artists. Some creators transform their life into a masterpiece, we call them mystics. I challenge you to become a mystic and to turn your life into a living work of art.”

– Ahaumna AhMaYah –