The Cold Hard Truths Found in Your Blood

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The majority of the time when taking a First sample of a persons living blood and looking at it under a dark field microscope it’s often presents itself in a way where seeing what is actually going on at a cellular level is not possible.

There is to much digestive stress, and inflammation from a lack of oxygen that presents itself first.

The cells are lumped together so seeing what’s happening in each cell, or seeing underlying pathogenic influences isn’t possible.

I believe as the Daoist believe that our spirit lives within our blood.

That our vitality towards life, our desire to be, our connection to something more than physical resides within our blood.

That the secrets of our body, mind, and spirit live within our blood.

I can tell upon first prick of the finger and how the blood moves out of the body a lot about the persons mind, body, and spirit.

Even the capacity to clearly see the blood reads so much about the beings energetic field I could talk about it for days.

This common thread to not be able to see what is really going on beneath the surface of stress, inflammation, and a lack of oxygen / prana / spirit speaks volumes to the human condition.

Often in these cases I like to take the persons blood again after they soak in the nanoplasmoid oxygen waters that flood every cell with oxygen because it treats this outer layer (symptom) of stress, inflammation and allows some cells to begin to present themselves and the real causes below the surface.

I’ve come to realize that most people don’t really want to see themselves clearly because it means they will have a choice to make, possibly one of the most difficult choices to make and that choice is…

1) Will you continue to do what you know now with irrifutable proof in your blood is causing yourself harm becuase it feels safe to do (ie addictions, foods, thoughts, beliefs, habits)…


2) Will you choose to be uncomfortable and press yourself forward into unchartered terriroties that are going to suck at times, bearing great pain to face, yet illuminating and transforming you in ways you could only dream of as life is brought back to your body, mind and soul.

I can’t answer the question, “What weight would one have to live with throughout their life if they choose the first option?” To continue to do nothing, now that they fully know, because I’ve never choosen that path. I could only imagine later in life it would be a path that leads to a lot of regret as conditions worsen and life ages with disgrace and dis-ease.

I do know what it’s like to choose the second option, because it’s the only option I’ve personally ever choosen and I also know what one needs to make that choice, cold, hard, determination and direction.

4 things people actively avoid (cold, hard, determination, direction)

People generally desire for things to be warm, easy, indifferent, resolution without conflict.

You can see these patterns everywhere…here are 4 common ones.

  • Opting for warm showers instead of cold when cold provide several more health benefits when applied properly.
  • Gravitating towards those who soften and lighten their words to feed the egos desire for safety and judging those who speak directly.
  • Knowing a change is fundamentally necessary for the health of you entire life to come and yet not making the change (indifference)
  • Feeling something is off, bringing voice to that thing feeling off hoping someone will resolve it without needing to actually speak to and address what is under the surface to begin with.

Yet throughout space and time, the enligtened masters and teachers have been known to be cold, harsh at times, direct to a fault, and even difficult, testing the person over and over again stirring up every last bit of frustration and discomfort.

Because your healing, growth, and breakthroughs don’t happen in the easy go lucky, egoicly built paradox of safety.

It doesn’t happen without determination and direction.

There are those who get this, and find people who can hold this energy to catalyze and break them through stagnation.

There are those who don’t get this, who judge this, blame this, create stories about this, and pay a lot of money to others who would rather oogle and coddle the egos need for self assurance and self preservation than to have the ego obliterated in the fires of directed energy.

My sense is this has a lot to do with why people rarely even think to look at living blood.

Because living blood speaks clearly, directly, it gives cold hard evidence to what’s happening inside of you that you maybe avoiding.

Whereas dead blood (which is the blood that you get drawn, send away to a lab, and get diagnostic results days or weeks later), well you can have every last blood test under the sun and still show inconclusive results to answer the questions of why you feel like shit.

People will pay a lot of money for these inconclusive results continuing to believe whatever stories and even flat out being told, “There is nothing wrong with you” when you deeply feel something is absolutely not right becuase you are living inside your body that feels it all.

This answer though is the answer most people want, because it keeps them from ever having to make the choice I’ve spoken about above, Even If It Means the Suffering Continues…

Because that choice is the hardest one you’re going to make.

The choice to face your self, to meet your Soul.

Some might say our Souls are quite cold and hard, determined and direct, given they will create all of this suffering in order to meet the objective for actualization of consciousness embodied…all of it through pure love.

Becuase love isn’t always light, airy and fluffy.

It isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.

Love sometimes is penetrative, powerful, force, that shatters all distortions, delusions, and is so painful to hold it breaks you open to a world of sheer pleasure and delight far beyond any rainbow or butterfly could ever offer.

I’ve felt more love from those who have been brutally honest with me, direct, and to the point, than I have from those who wished to have me be pleased, by their ego inflating disguises that create no real breakthrough only comfort with things staying the way they are.

This is why I love living blood.

It’s brutally honest, direct, and clear even when it’s revealing that you’re hiding from yourself what’s really going on within through inflammation and stress caused by a lack of oxygen, of truly letting spirit in.

People have been so conditioned to fear the darkness, the unknown, the inner realms, only being sold the story of Inorganic Darkness “evil” and never being gifted the realization that there is Organic Darkness from which everything is born and it’s power is profound when you let the cold, hard, penetrating chaos of her wisdom in.

Afterall the Phoenix rises in Scorpion…the sign most people greatly fear for it’s direct, cold, hard, determination to RISE and bring everyone else The F with ’em.




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