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Have you ever woke up and wondered, how did I get here? How is this my life? What if the life you are living was not actually your idea? What if the life you are living is not entirely your own creation? What if it was a combination of all the stories you were sold about the meaning of life and how you should live it? Creator Consciousness is an awakening to a Truth held deep within you. A Truth many of us have forgotten along the way. That we are powerful, capable, creators able to shape our worlds for the better in any way we could possibly imagine.Society has sold us a story of scarcity, lack, separation. A story where we believe we have to work hard just to get by. That being an adult means making compromises and sacrificing our hearts desire. A story where the rich get richer and the rest? Well, why bother even trying. What if these stories were all a lie? What if you, your parents, and their parents were all sold the same lie that was passed along during your formative years, the story of a never ending struggle?

A story that placed your inner creator inside a box that said you have to go to school, get a job, work hard, get married, have children, retire, die. It is time you learn the Truth. Of who you are, what you are made of, and how you have come to be living in the life you live now. Being a Conscious Creator means becoming fully awake and aware to your purpose, your real purpose, not the one you were sold to believe was the only path of success. This is a journey of rebelling against the status quo, breaking free from the chains of mediocrity to let your unique, brilliant, powerful light shine. Inside this book contains ancient and modern wisdom from this and other worlds that will guide you through an alchemical process for how to tap back into the creative forces within you and bring to life your wildest dreams. By weaving together science and spirituality in a way that allows you to remember. Leading you on a journey into the mystery of consciousness to unlock the dormant potential within you through the 13 Key Codes to create life on your terms. You will learn to harness these awakened creative forces within you to bring about radical change in your life and write a new story based on your own terms.

“Change is the only constant in the universe, which means if you’ve mastered something once, that too will change, there is always more room to grow.”

What’s inside


Shifting out of Consumerism


What it means to be a Creator


Profound Emotional Breakthrough


A path to embodying your inner creative intelligence


13 Key steps to living as your true self


Ceremony and Meditation

Chapter 1

Who am I? I am nobody in the grand scheme of things, just a humble and devoted human striving to see change in this world. Writing this book was a part of my destiny and many more will likely follow in its place. With that being said, writing this book was my greatest challenge and my greatest strength merging together. I am like every other human being on this planet, who was traumatized, disempowered, a wounded child living inside an adult body who was sold on how to do life. I like you, was fed fear for breakfast on the TV screens, in the books I read at school, on my parents’ faces when conversations about money, life, love or anything else of deep value and meaning surfaced. You’ll read a lot about my story throughout the fabric of this book ‘Creator Consciousness’, which is really a book I wrote for myself to constantly remind myself what I am made of, who I am capable of becoming and why I am here. The beautiful thing about this is, I am just another you, so in Truth I wrote this book for us.

I’ve been an avid student of mysticism, metaphysics, astrology and beyond for as long as I can remember. Studying the religions of the world at 11 years old because I wanted to know why the world wasn’t more peaceful, why people worshiped something outside of themselves. I am a student of the Universe and I’ve been hungry for more wisdom, Truth and inspiration since I was a child. I’ve experienced many things most will never come to know, and I thank great spirit for that. I’ve walked along some shady and some light paths that have led me to come to know my own. This is the Creator Path, the one of choosing your own destiny. Some things in this book might very well trigger you, push you to the edges of your comfort zone, of what you have come to know as the way to live in this world.

My intention is that throughout this journey you will awaken to a power within you so vast, so unstoppable that even amidst your triggers you will call on something greater than yourself and achieve something miraculous in this world. We are in a time when miracles are needed, you are that miracle. Where everyday people are being asked to show up, stand up, and step into their greatness.

While this book is not bound to any moment in time, meaning it is not written for any era, the teaching and lessons that you will learn throughout your journey of owning your Creatorship are timeless as true today as they were a thousand years ago as they will be a thousand years from now. As this book stands still, timeless, it is written within linear time in 2019 when shift is hitting the fan here on

A time when people are slaving away miserably to lives that are not their own. A time when species are going extinct faster than we can get fresh drinking water from faucet to cup. A time when the oceans and lands have become garbage dumps and where there is more plastic washing up on shore than sea shells. As someone who created a life for herself of travel, I’ve been blessed with the ability to see more of this world than the spaces I lived in while growing up.

I’ve seen the extent of humanity’s damage upon this Earth; and I have seen the spark of light, the brilliance, the genius that is awakening within the human species at this time. While this planet is in a state of despair, in Truth she is not. For the Earth is well prepared, and consciousness knows how to navigate what is to come. Witnessing humanity’s awakening in consciousness something you will come to know in depth throughout this book is one of the greatest things we will ever witness. It is why we are here on Earth now. To see an entire species, evolve in an instant and to watch how an entire planet responds to the brilliance that is created through every being coming together and creating something marvellous.

Writing this book was a journey of becoming something greater than myself. It took me years of applying the principles within this text to my life to see that they worked. Even amidst this process I came up against my own shadows, my own wounding in writing. I write this introduction after the text was completed because I wished to be fully vulnerable in its writing, transparent about the journey you are about to go on because your life is sacred and I wish to only meet you in these spaces that are pure, heart centered, divine. People who know my writing from following me online, from engaging with me socially, know that I am devoted to being a translator for the divine.

When I first began my study towards living impeccably, towards awakening consciousness, accessing my super powers, and becoming the divine creator of my life I was often left confused by the spiritual texts written. Spoken in language that would take time and energy to contemplate, integrate, translate within me to allow for the words to finally make sense to my human as they were spoken in such divine language at such a frequency, I often struggled to grasp what was being said. I would read a chapter and put it down for sometimes weeks, months and longer before I recognized what it was I had just learned in order to apply it to my life. Many of these texts were written long ago before the energetic shifts taking place now on the Earth. When spirituality, mysticism, metaphysics were spoken about like it was some kind of cult and was left for only the select initiates to know how the True nature of the Universe worked. I feel this is why these books were written in such a complex way so that no one would be able to just pick them up and learn about the ways of the world that were at these times banned from the masses.

I don’t feel we are in this time anymore where Truth must be silenced or masked by words few will hear. I am also crystal clear that my Soul contract in this life is to be a translator for the divine, to bring the spiritual into the material in a way that anyone can hear. It is from this space that I wrote Creator Consciousness the journey you are about to embark on.

I wanted this book to be available to anyone, at any age, ethnicity, gender, with any IQ score. If you can read you can understand these words. It is my hope that people will come to see that life is simple, that living impeccably is simple. That one’s enlightenment is simple once we begin to free ourselves from what we were sold and begin to live in our Truth. We are all worthy of living an impeccable, miraculous life no matter how much education we’ve received, no matter what socio economic class we were brought up in. Anyone can take the information within this book and change their life. I wrote this on behalf of humanity and the future generations. Now is the time to simplify the mystical for humanity’s awakening.

I keep saying humanity’s awakening and I choose before we move forward to be certain we are all on the same page. You will go so much further into depth and detail as you enter part one of this book, for now understand that humanity is going through an evolution of the species that is allowing for more people to operate from the conscious part of the brain. Now, I’ve had this conversation with so many people before who ‘believe’ (and you shall see as you read on why I put this word in quotes), that when they are awake during the day they are conscious and this is not absolute Truth. The subconscious and unconscious parts of the brain are fully capable of operating your life while you are awake.

Think of a time when you’ve driven your car home from work, it’s been a long day, and you get home and you think to yourself, “I don’t remember that drive at all!” That’s because you were not operating through your conscious, your brain was using the subconscious memory of how to drive a car, and was driving along the patterned route that you use every day to get home.

It’s a pretty handy feature of our brain the subconscious, because it holds onto these patterns that can really help us out when it comes to remembering how to drive a car, or ride a bike, to cook our favorite meal, or to remember to turn the stove off when we are done. These patterns and programs are super helpful. It’s the programs of fear, of limiting beliefs, and the patterns of abuse, debt, scarcity, struggle that the subconscious also holds onto that keep people from ever truly getting to experience who they are, why they are here and how capable they are of their dreams.

Through our awakening we are bringing more of the subconscious and unconscious into the conscious, this will make sense in part one. We are becoming aware of the programs, the patterns, and how we have been sleep walking through our life. This is our collective awakening as a species. As we awaken more of our conscious brain we begin to move towards the super conscious, the divine mind, our magical super powers that allow us to telepathically communicate, have empathy, levitate, move matter with our minds, intuitively know when someone needs to hear from us, and beyond.

This book is a journey through your awakening. It does not matter where you are at along your journey, whether you are a master at meditation and living a life of peace or you are a person who struggles day in and day out just to stay afloat. This book is not separated or segregated it’s to serve the whole of humanity now.

Do catch yourself, if you ever find yourself feeling beyond the language of this book, the way it is written, the simplicity of the words for this is an area of weakness. You are never beyond anything, you are always within everything, it’s important to grasp this so that the ego within you never thinks it has reached enlightenment before you actually do. Within the simplicity of these words is a purity and through this purity a frequency, an energy is moving from the page and into your life. Allow yourself to receive this energy in every single word.

As I guide you towards the end of this introduction I am excited for you to begin this inner exploration of what it means to be a creator and the path that one must take to surrender their consumeristic mind and awaken to the True potential within. It is important that I speak now to the power that is within this book as these practices and tools are energetically divine and have in the past been used to manipulate, coerce and deceive. You must use these tools wisely and for the benevolent good of all. No other life may be sacrificed in order for your life to become greater than. The karmic implications of said acts are greater than anything your human self can perceive at this time and I am assured that you do not want to carry around such weight with you long after this life.

In order for us to all stay in energetic integrity, responsibility and sovereignty before you journey through the key codes in this book and enter into part one, there is an oath, a code of conduct for you to sign. This was guided to put into this book by spirit while writing key code eleven as it became apparent then how powerful these teachings are and how people must understand the energetic significance of what can happen if you use these tools in a way that benefits yourself while taking away another person’s free will to choose. There are some things in life that you get to create freely, when it comes to creating with another human being they must always have the right to choose and give their permissions to participate in your creations.

For example, say you are in love with someone who does not love you back. You want this person to be your life partner at any cost. Without realizing the energetic and karmic (karma a topic we will discuss in great detail, fear not) costs, you use one of the practices within this book to manifest and create a life with this person.

While it might serve you to now have your dream partner what you may not see is that you in order to be with them, cast a spell on them that manipulated them into doing something that was not their choice. The karmic imprint and tie you now have to that soul is far beyond anything you can imagine. Trust me the fleeting romance in this life is not worth thousands or more years repaying them for casting black magic spells on their heart. While it might seem innocent to want someone to be with you, whenever you are using these practices to get someone to do something you want them to do, without their permission, you are using these tools in a way that is causing them harm even if you can’t see it.

As long as you focus on the benevolent good of all and you use the key codes in this book to support your highest and best, while keeping the other people involved open ended, undefined you will be in integrity with your words and the energy you are casting out into the Universe. In this example instead of focusing on this one person needing to be with you, you focus your manifestation on aligning with your Soul partner. One who is supportive, loving, nurturing, present, and devoted without a name or person being attached to it allowing the Universe to bring you the perfect partner unbound by manipulation, free of karmic implications to come.

This is not to scare you, this is to encourage you to see how powerful you are. It is also to allow myself to be in full energetic integrity and karmically pure for putting this book out into the world. I wish for all beings everywhere to come to know their true power and potential, to be benevolent forces of light and Creatorship.

This book is meant to be a marathon and not a sprint. Take time in contemplating the writing within it and to reflect about how these aspects show up in your life. Let the energy infused into every word be felt deeply at the core of your being so that you can rise into a vision of your life that awakens your heart to greater lessons of love. I wish this love on behalf of all of humanity and with this it is time to sign your oath of intention.




This book is dedicated to the future human, the one who stands tall like a tree, rooted deeply in the depths of Soul while reaching upwards towards Spirit. The one who is bravely willing to be different in a world that tells everyone to be the same. You are the one we have been waiting for, this book is your guide to unlocking your full potential. A pathway to heal the deep karmic bonds to slavery through consumerism to unlock the primal power of your sovereign soul fully alive in your body creating and building new worlds.

"I loved reading this book and felt high on life while doing so. It’s a very down-to-earth approach of describing concepts and also includes self inquiry questions - great tools to assist in self exploration. Read to dive into your personal path and truth!"

Rachel Irwin

"I am so grateful for this book! Each chapter was a journey of awakening my inner purpose and power! I have been on a journey to step out of my old story of abuse and victimization and Ahuamna dove into the work of shifting from being a victim into being the Conscious Creator I am here to be now! ESPECIALLY right now on the planet, I would highly recommend this book to you all if you are ready to stop into your purpose and power as the Creator you came here to be... and to PLAY!"

Sarah Poe

"Very well written and easy to understand. Tangible keys to put into practice along the path of awakening consciousness within yourself and others."

Good citizen

About Ahaumna

If you follow the path of the 13 key codes you will be reborn anew; your body will change, unlock and open dormant potentials to hold more, be more, and embody more of who you truly are.

This book is sacred to Ahaumna. It is the very first thing that she created here immediately after her Soul-braid experience in 2018 with Jessica. They soul-braided October of 2018 and in January of 2019 she sat down every day at her computer with a fury of energy swirling through her, not knowing she was writing a book or having any intention to. Just a passion of energy that had to come through and it had to come through right then and there.

A month went by and Ahaumna realized an entire book had just been written. It was the book she was writing for Jessica to heal, to grow, and to evolve beyond this world. It was a master plan of steps to take to unlock one’s higher identity and to allow their Souls into their bodies. The activation of this book was profound.

Immediately after writing it, the body Ahaumna and Jessica were sharing collapsed and began it’s deep journey of integrating the soul-braid process and Ahaumna’s process of fully coming into this body. (If you have not read Ahaumna’s full story click here to do so now). This book was the first of many gifts of insight, guidance, and a pathway to a higher way of living, breathing, and being in a body that Ahaumna has gifted humanity. It is more than just a book, it is a living, breathing ceremony.