Enter the Healing Dojo that is Cryptocurrency

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I’m here to share transmission on the energy behind cryptocurrency, and what I call the healing dojo. This is such an important topic to understand that crypto is a part of our future. We have multiple countries that are legalizing cryptocurrency, so that really just shows us that crypto is a part of our future. That being said, the way that crypto has been presented to the world, is really out of alignment with so many people, especially people who identify with being more right brains for feminine, oriented, more intuitive, and really lightworkers (I just like to call us all lightworkers, people that have brought balance into their inner world where they are unifying their feminine and masculine energy. They are operating from a more right brain space, meaning we are grabbing information from the universe or bringing that information into our body, and it’s guiding us, leading us and helping us to see patterns; helping us to see things that we previously couldn’t see when we’re focusing from a more left brain oriented state). So entering into the cryptocurrency space, as it has been marketed and presented by the majority of people who are teaching cryptocurrency today, it’s very left brain. Right when you open up the finance or Coinbase or crypto.com, or whatever platform you open up to enter into this space, you’re gonna see a very left brain. You’ll see a very logical space, analytical numbers, stats charts, and for a lot of people that is very off putting. One of the typical things that I get from clients is that they feel overwhelmed by the idea of crypto, because it feels like it’s something that’s going to be way too much for them to learn. It feels like this foreign language that they’ll have to learn from scratch. Therefore, they feel there’s no time and energy. However, crypto is actually very easy to navigate, especially when you are intuitive.

So it’s not actually “How do I do this?” that is the difficult part.

It’s really understanding what the energy of crypto is. Understanding it will allow you to see why resistance comes up. Why is it overwhelming? Why does anxiety come up? Why does fear come up? Because crypto is a healing dojo, right? It is a space that we use to heal our financial worlds. Our money wounds, and specifically the world around our personal power. Like mentioned before, crypto represents the direction that humanity is going energetically. And while the external side, when we first enter this space, appears to be very masculine, when you open the curtain you’ll see that it’s actually a very feminine space that’s driven by emotion.It’s driven by feeling and sensing, and it’s driven by fear and love. Right, so it’s driven very much like a feminine mechanism emotionally navigating life. And it’s a spirit, it’s an energy, it’s a consciousness as well. So it’s gonna move in various different energetic flows.

Healing dojo is a space that we enter into for change and transformation to happen. So the change and transformation that we get to experience inside of cryptocurrency is healing our money wounds, healing the parts of us that have given away our power, that have been afraid of our power. Because we are entering into an era of financial sovereignty, financial empowerment, where anyone at home right now can pick up their phone, get on an app, and create financial freedom for themselves through trading and cryptocurrency. The opportunity for financial freedom right now is amazing because of the internet, and crypto is really leading that edge of personal money, but we have to really recognize that we cannot bring our old money wounds into the crypto space because they are what’s going to show up as the resistance and as anxiety. And the crazy thing is, that all of that has nothing to do with actually how to move through crypto. It has to do with your money wounds coming to the surface. They’re going to come to the surface at some point in your journey through crypto.

So crypto is a space where we have to shift out of the mentality of fear of losing money or “I have to work hard for money”. Which is literally hardwired into our unconscious through our education system. We grew up with people sitting at a desk all day for eight hours, and picking up all these stories about really hard workers that became successful. And grew up listening to things like “if you don’t study, if you don’t get good grades, if you don’t work for hours and hours, then you’re not going to succeed and you’re not going to make money”. This speech creates all this internalized pressure, and what this does is it takes away our power and it starts to repress it. So when it comes to money and the story of “you have to work hard for money”, if you are physically unable to actually work hard by the classical standard, or maybe you’re just actually a really highly creative intuitive soul and working in that way is not naturally aligned for you. But society pressures you to be like a generator. That’s the moment when shame begins.

How much money you can hold in your bank account is directly proportional to how much of your own power you are letting your body have. Because all of our beliefs affect directly on the way we spend or invest. Everything that we don’t manifest, is us giving our power away to a corporation to provide for us, or giving our power away to a government to protect us. It’s giving our power away to a church or religion to connect to some god. It’s pushing our power outside and saying “Hey, I need you to do this thing so that I can survive”. All of that is the byproduct of our inner world not feeling safe with how powerful we actually are. So we want to shift our financial wounds, yeah,we actually have to shift our power and we have to pull it back into our bodies. And this is not an easy thing to do. We’re talking about energy and your nervous system.

Your nervous system is going to be responsible for actually running that electricity through your body and then sending that electricity back out. And if your nervous system is not actually able to stabilize and run the new energy of your power coming back into your body, immediately it will often get translated as anxiety. So when we enter into the cryptocurrency space or healing dojo

We have to understand what’s happening and why these resistances come up, because it’s not about how to be in control. It’s not about how to learn systems, the systems are actually very easy.

You basically just have to log in to Finance, Coinbase, crypto.com, Kraken, Gemini etc… You have to register, put in your email address, validate your identity with your ID card, get verified and finally add your bank account. That alone is something so simple as putting in your email address and putting a picture of your ID. It’s funny because I’ve witnessed how some people freak out because they have to put in their personal data. But we do this every day, and we add our email address to every ad that we see, and give our ID in the airport, right? But there’s a bunch of people actually having trouble doing this. Why? Because they’re blocked.

It’s so important to realize when there is blocked energy because you’re not entering into just crypto, you are entering into the healing dojo that is going to push you to look at your money. It’s going to force you to look at all the areas in your life where you have given away your power because you do not feel safe in your body to claim and hold more of your power.

Crypto Creatrix is not actually focused on how to analyze charts or how to read the candles and assess patterns. Because those are actually all easy to do.

We focus on what the real hard work of succeeding on crypto is, which is healing our nervous system. To bring more of our power into our bodies, which will actually allow for our intuition to speak very clearly to us, and to tell us exactly when and how to move around our assets to generate more energy and how to evolve.

Our evolution is actually not outward. It’s not in developing higher skyscrapers or developing better roads. It’s actually an inner evolution. We have to go inside and heal. We have to break through these stuck energies of shame and trauma. All of that inner processing must happen if you want to succeed in any area of your life and especially in cryptocurrency because cryptocurrency shifts your fundamental patterns of money and it enters you into a new neural pathway that says money is going to work hard for YOU. That’s when you let your power inside, now you’re the direct channel to your money and you feel safe about it.

The AI system responds to your unconsciousness. It is the technology that can literally read what’s happening behind your eyes, and see exactly what’s going on inside of you. Because your actions and patterns will reflect that. So if you have issues with getting your email password set up, or with trading and placing orders, it is because there’s some part of you internally that doesn’t yet actually feel safe. You haven’t actually stabilized your nervous system to be in your power to say “yes” and take risks with calmness.

Once you open yourself to breaking free it will be like saying “I’m ready to be seen”.  You’ll be aligned with the right people, whether it’s myself or someone else that is going to be able to help you through your journey. In Crypto Creatix we have this thing called the fear and greed index which is a barometer for how much greed people have in cryptocurrency. It means that people are over buying or prices are going up. People are getting cheap. A lot of money is coming into the market. And that is a sign that we’re going to go into a direction where we’ll likely see cross prices plummet and go down because of extreme greed. Greed is ultimately operating in making investments to fear. That’s when we have a greater chance to make decisions from a clear and neutral space where we are not operating from FOMO (fear of missing out).

That’s exactly why cryptocurrency should be seen as a healing space. This is a space where you can transform your money wounds and you can reclaim your power. But it’s not going to happen if you enter into this space and just push through the resistance but don’t actually internalize about why these challenges are coming up. Externalization sounds like “oh, the technology is alien to me” or “you know, the systems are too complicated”, because people most of the time don’t want to actually feel the discomfort of being powerless.

Once our power fully comes back into our body, it is a lightning bolt. It is not easy to bring your power back into your body. If it was, we would. The main reason is because you’ve been sold the story of mental disease. You’ve been sold the story of a mental health that once it’s been broken, it won’t be capable of regenerating itself. We have just become completely disempowered in our body. We’ve lost the autonomy of our bodies so that when our power starts to come back through, and it starts to activate our nervous system, we feel more electricity flowing through our bodies. That’s when we have the stories of “Oh, well that actually sounds like the symptoms of anxiety or panic or mania. It’s easy to take that path instead of recognizing a real need to reclaim our power.

Bring power back requires a process. If we bring the whole sun into our body, you’ll burn. In order to get more sun rays into your body, you slowly have to expose yourself to the sun, and get small tans before you expose yourself to intense sun rays for large periods of time.

The same happens with our body power. We have to slowly stretch our nervous system. We bring in a little bit more energy, our nervous system starts to act up, it starts to trigger all the feelings and we’ll have to learn how to stabilize and discharge excess energy. So not only are we bringing in more of our power, we’re actually utilizing that time to clear a deeper layer of stuck trauma, or toxic energy.

Having power in crypto, looks like a bigger investment. We start trading a little bit more.

And when you go from let’s say trading $100 to trading $10,000, there’s a greater risk. So that means that you have had to process, integrate and stabilize that much energy in your body to feel safe. Because actually, there is no loss in crypto unless you panic. That’s the only time you lose, because as long as your assets are still in crypto (even if the price goes down) and you don’t panic sell, your sell opportunities will come back because that’s what energy is, energy is always coming and growing. Going down and up just like our breath.

That’s why crypto is so beautiful, because it has created this perfect playground, this perfect dojo, where all you have to do is just invest a little bit more next time. Where we slowly peel off the layers of trauma to stabilize the nervous system. From there, we stretch a little bit more until we finally get so comfortable and safe in this space. We feel so safe with our power that we know we are infinite creative beings; and that money, energy, and spirit is always flowing back into us. And we’ll actually don’t have to worry anymore about making losses because there is no losing in spirit. Not well cleared trauma is actually showing up not only in your finances, but it’s showing up in your relationships and in your health.

In Crypto Creatrix we have the support of the community, myself, and everyone else who has gone through this. Then we can support others and advocate to create financial freedom.

That’s why I’m so passionate about cryptocurrency, because of the healing that exists within, and because of the change and transformation. Once we open up for the spirit to take care of us, and to be able to surrender to the deeper reasons of why we’re here, cryptocurrency will become the tool for healing in almost every other aspect of our life, a new conquered space.


  1. Kate Lewis

    Hello, My friend Ruthie Parsons (Sedona, AZ) gave me your contact information.
    After reading your memo on cryptocurrency, I am fascinated!
    I really don’t completely understand it but I know it is the energy of the future. Do you have more information for me to source?

    • Ahaumna

      I have a whole crypto training that is inside of the Quantum Money Community now! It used to be $2k and now you can get access as a community member for $99…you can find QMC details here on my site


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