THRESHOLD: When It Is Time To Scale

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Do you know that feeling when your intuition is calling and you’re receiving information about a big change that your life is about to take? Maybe it’s time to end your relationship, or scale your business to 6-figure years. Or completely burn it to the ground and start something entirely new. The idea excites you, tingles in your belly, and softens your heart. Until you hear this voice within you that goes “BUT HOW?’

You take a deep breathe and hop on Insta or Google. Then type in keywords to try to see how everyone else is doing it to get inspired. You likely, if you’re like me, even buy a few courses on the transition focused on the results that you want to see OUTSIDE of yourself. The results you want to manifest or co-create. “Make more sales, scale your business, attract love, find partnership, healthy and thriving, lose weight & feel great…” These are all just some examples of external results that one might be searching for.

Inner Work to Change Your Mindset

I will guarantee you at some point whatever coach, doctor, or trainer is leading that course is going to tell you. You’ve got to do the INNER work to change your mindset, expand your capacity to receive (a favorite one by business coaches). Or trust the process and be patient (a favorite one for healthcare workers to use).

I’ve been in the chats of those courses and at this point there are always people asking BUT HOW. How do I actually do that inner work and change my mindset. Expand my capacity, train my nervous system to hold more money, love, pleasure so on and so forth…

The response from the trainers are usually to avoid it, or skirt around it because they don’t know. They hired someone else to guide them through it! If they are amazing they will tell you who. Most won’t though, and are super vague because they want you well in their world.


***Because the external results that you desire are sexy AF to market and sell to you. The inner work that get’s you those results though, are not so sexy. They are often not really desirable because it’s Hard AF sometimes to break habits, patterns, and beliefs. It’s easier to market and sell the 20% success and that is why we have these stats today.***

Only 6% of entrepreneurs will ever make a 6-figure salary. Which let’s be honest in a good portion of the world today this is necessary for having a decent living.

The reason I believe that people who are doing the strategy don’t know how to answer the question of HOW they did the inner work is because most of the time, they do not know!

They probably tried a few practices, and hired someone to guide them through a few sessions.

Most people also don’t study and understand the intricate workings of the brain and nervous system. Where this inner work resides so they don’t know exactly what happened to create the change.

My Proven Method

HERE’S WHERE I COME IN. As the person that people actually do that inner work with. And who has a method for actually knowing how to shift and alter the neurology, and nervous system to be in alignment with the changes that God Source Creation is inviting you to make.

I have a proven backed by science method that I use whenever I am needing to shift and alter my internal reality. Because God is calling me into a new room that I have never played in before. Therefore do not currently have the inner operating system to create it.

Here’s a great example in 3D…say you want to start recording music on your computer. You get a beautiful sound board, microphone, and mixer station to record your singing on. Yet none of that matters because your computer doesn’t have an internal operating system to be able to translate that music you make into a song that you can post on Spotify.

You need to upgrade your computer. Then buy a new operating system, that is able to read the sound board, mic, and mixer. Then translate that and transform it into a song you can upload.

You then need to learn how to use that new operating system. Which this is an example from my real life when I was streaming sound healing. And believe me, this learning process is a task in and of itself if there is no prior experience.

Our brains and autonomic nervous system work the same way. These two operating systems create our external reality, and they both resist change because they are designed for energetic efficiency. Change requires a lot of energy!

I didn’t know how to speak the language that the musical operating system required me to speak to know how to actually hook everything up. I had to learn this new language by hiring someone else to teach me. Because I couldn’t figure it out from the manual, which was written for people who spoke the sound engineering language!

Same with the brain. Most people try to speak to their brain where the autonomic programs are stored, but with the same language they speak day in and day out. And it won’t work because this part of our brain speaks differently. It doesn’t have words like we know it. Which is why most people, unless they study the brain, cannot tell you exactly how they did the inner work. Because they don’t speak the language to understand how it happened!

What I am talking about are not manifestation techniques either which may or may not work for you given your internal thresholds and personally, I’m more on a path of divine allowance, and internal guidance than telling God what I want and demanding it be so.

What I am talking about is how to actually upgrade your internal operating systems by speaking their language so that when your intuition rings the bell that it’s time to create change and God calls you into a new room that you’ve never played in before you know HOW TO PRIME YOUR BODY TO SAY YES.

Because while God is the Creator, You Are the Creation and as the Creation it’s your responsibility to ACT. If your body has never acted this way before, and has no idea how to, and is running on programs that actually say…don’t do that…it’s not safe…then this my friends is why most people end their lives with regret and why most businesses fail…and why most people keep chasing the external results that never come to pass.

The Threshold is the space in-between where you’ve been living, and where you are being called to step into.

Within it is where the deepest work must take place, to uplevel our lives in new miraculous ways.

Inside Threshold I am going to give you the manual for exactly HOW you can directly speak to your brain and nervous system and change your programs so that the change you’re being asked to make becomes automatic.

We are going to specifically focus on Thresholds in your Finances, however the practice can be used for ANY change you are making in your any are of your life…consistently giving you results if you show up to actually do the work.


Trust me, you want to be in this room with me June 6!

Have an epic weekend loves,



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