Intuitive Crypto

for the Feminine Soul

Are you a feminine, intuitive being who has been feeling a call to get involved in cryptocurrency?


Yet, when you go to enter the crypto space all of the charts, statistics, and systems completely shut you down?

Do you feel a sense that you’re meant to be involved in cryptocurrency yet the way crypto operates feels so counter-intuitive to how your feminine, right-brain operates?

If you’re shaking your head yes…

And this has stopped you from really diving into cryptocurrency, and seeing the power crypto has to transform your financial future, I have great news for you!


There’s a way you can actually enter the crypto space where your gifts of feminine power, intuition, feeling, sensing, can actually benefit and be a secret weapon for you to excel in crypto!

What you will learn

The three keys to Intuitive Trading that will allow you to succeed in cryptocurrency without spending hours studying charts.

The unconscious actions that will cause self-sabotage.

How to clear your intuition and ensure your line is pure, the information received accurate, and what blocks your intuition from being clear.

That Intuitive Trading is a feminine, right-brained style of trading which means your feminine nervous system will be involved, and how.

Cryptocurrencies are energies that you must fully align with to see success.

I’m sharing with you in this mini course the three most important things you must understand about Intuitive Trading to create success for yourself.

Understand that Intuitive Trading is Different…

You cannot approach Intuitive Trading through traditional means of investing in cryptocurrency. You want to trade crypto and use your intuition because this is your gifts!

The majority of what people are teaching about crypto currency are using left-brain analytics. If you follow left-brained strategies and leave out your right-brained needs, you’ll struggle to see results with intuitive trading.


It will help you to see what is possible in the world of cryptocurrency.

This free course will not teach you HOW to invest in cryptocurrency and to get involved with Intuitive Trading. It will teach you the foundations of how your intuition works, how it can be used in cryptocurrency, how women can harness our intuitive knowing to become financially free.

You will be guided through three video trainings each one with an exercise for you to practice at home connecting with a clear intuition to the crypto markets and making aligned choices for your life.

Learn how to harness the power of your Intuition to master Crypto as a feminine embodied being.

With 9 Free Lessons

  • Why Intuitive Crypto Trading?
  • Intuition vs Instincts
  • Clearing your Intuition
  • Clearing the Fields for Intuition to Flow
  • Creating Safety in Your Body
  • Am I Safe?
  • The Coins You Align With
  • Intuition & Independence
  • Next Steps On Your Cryptocurrency Journey

The benefits of this program extend beyond cryptocurrency and into every area of your life!

“Thank you so much, again! You are so appreciated for everything you’re doing in this world! You really helped to clarify somethings about my true self AND have given me some fantastic new tools to use going forward! I truly have a deeper understanding of myself after just 2 hours of connecting with Ahaumna! So absolutely blown away by the amount of information and detail that was put into this session. I love you and can’t wait to watch our session over and over again!! ALL of the blessing!!”

Michelle Le Goose

“You really cannot put a price on personal transformation…and when it comes down to it, Ahaumna was a catalyst for mine. I truly cannot express how inspiring and insightful her work is. There are very few people in her line of work that can articulate and communicate at a level that is fitting for the listener; while allowing them to come into their own understandings along the way. Truly a blessing to have had her and continue to have her in my life.”

Seth Bunting

“Working with Ahaumna allowed me to fully experience myself as mySELF. Ahaumna’s support is pure and vast wisdom. She works at the level of Truth, so you see your own Higher Truth reflected back at you. It’s like talking to your Higher Self. I gained the last bit of confidence and affirmation I needed to dive into my mission and purpose.”

Cindi Grace