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Today’s blog is about quantum money and linear money, quantum time and linear time. So let’s first focus on what most of us are aware of, because we have been ingrained and taught to operate within linear money. So linear money says that you move from point A to point Z on your path to success, so where you begin matters. What your education is matters, what your background is matters, what your knowledge base is matters. Point Z would be the success that you can reach with your skills and resources. Now, linear time is a straight line, right? Because linear time operates in a straight line from the past to the future, and within that straight line there are various different things that don’t get acknowledged. Because as you’re walking down the straight line on your path to success, on your path of creating linear money, you will ignore everything on the sides, in other directions. Linear time is limited in the sense that you cannot grow beyond that. Therefore you stay in linear money because you are limited to a monthly paycheck.

What ends up happening in linear time is that if you want to progress faster, you have to work harder. You have to push and manipulate that timeline, at times manipulate other people maybe to get ahead of them, and what ends up happening in order for people to fast track their linear path is they end up stepping on other people to meet their goals. That’s why people start to create toxic stories and beliefs around money. They generate beliefs of scarcity because they are in such a limited path.

Pushing through the linear timeline lets you get some tangible experiences, for example, your body gets sick. You end up getting something that makes it impossible for you to work for maybe months or weeks. And most people in that linear path only have let’s say two weeks of sick days. So what happens when those two weeks of sick days are up and you’re not fine yet. The next example is that something could happen to a family member, maybe you have parents who are elderly now, and maybe they fall down and they get hurt. But you have to pick up your life. I like to call these examples Ish. So all of that Ish is not necessarily just life as we know it. It’s all the things that happen in your life that can derail that linear timeline and create linear money.

I had this experience last year where I was moving through a lot of physical challenges that made it almost impossible for me to work most days of the week. And if I would have moved in a reality where I was working in linear time, I would have been quite frankly fucked. But because that was not my reality, and I was operating in quantum, this quantum money was coming in from all unexpected spaces while I was laying down unable to move. Now, that wasn’t always the case for me. It took me years of deconditioning, I got my first paid job when I was 15 years old. And before that at 13, I started working for free on a farm. So every day that I worked, I got to arrive for free. So there was always this exchange happening. “Do this, get this, do this, get this do this, get this”. Then once I started working for someone else every single day, between school and sport, at a grocery store, then preparing all the things that my family wanted me to do (go in the traditional path of university then a job). Through that whole period, there were several times where I got sick. And you know what? I didn’t call in sick to work. I didn’t call in sick to school. As I started to unravel that, in the creation of my own business in my early 20s, I recognized all these deep fears around saying “I don’t feel good, I can’t work today”.

So this pressure to go and work when my body was in crisis, continued to accumulate to this process where the last couple of years my body just broke. I had to rebirth this entire body. That is a commitment that a lot of people can’t make. Because of all the fears that come up on that linear time, that they won’t be able to hit a tenure by a certain point, and then to hit their retirement by a certain point. That fear keeps people pushing, and they will not listen to their bodies. Or they would just put their old parents in a nursing home and their life still stays the same. It doesn’t get any better because of those “sacrifices”. Just like walking against a wall.

So you’re living your time constantly walking up against a wall and that creates a constriction. Look at our bodies. They’re organic, curvy, soft and filled with movement. It’s not natural for us to be up against a wall. So linear money, linear time is not natural. Understanding this can transform the way you experience your life and drastically change it because we are fighting against nature. When we are striving for linear money, we are striving for success in linear time. For years I was chipping away at these stories, knowing that there was another way, and I tapped into that other way when I chose to basically not gain any money. I thought “I’m just gonna let money go completely from my life”. For years I just relied on people donating, giving me food, putting money in my car, and offering me places to stay because I didn’t even have a house. So it took that complete letting go, and then coming back in and having money start sit with me and teach me these other ways. That’s when I started to tap into Quantum Time.

So instead of trying to power through linear time, you can actually integrate and magnetize it. You can pull it all back into itself, because all of that Ish becomes fuel for receiving more Quantum. When you look at it from a physics standpoint, we have electricity, we have magnetism, we have electromagnetic fields. So our linear time is operating with gas electricity, that electricity moves forward, strikes a certain point like lightning, whereas the quantum is the magnetic. So it’s magnetizing everything in. Once we shift into that quantum, what we have access to is every single moment simultaneously. In linear time if you wanted to become a millionaire, you would have to create a clear plan and walk in one long path to success, which most of the time you don’t get there. And that is why not everybody is a millionaire. Because events like getting sick happen, or your life plans are forced to change for any reason. So you plan delays and there’s no way to go around it. Whereas in quantum you’re already simultaneously a millionaire. So instead of going out and trying to get there, why not just pull that part of me, grab that quantum and magnetize it into me now?

As we do that, we have to acknowledge all of the Ish is trying to get in the way, trying to impose the linear path. Whether it is a belief that we have that we’re not ready to be a millionaire, or that we have to work hard to be a millionaire, or that we have to follow a certain path to become a millionaire. So while being in the quantum we should not resist them, but just recognize them and revert the frequency that they generate in ourselves. 

In Quantum Time, we’re working in frequency. Linear time is working at a very specific frequency. So every time we try to pull quantum energy to us, it could hit the linear time and not get to us. That’s why we have to integrate that path to us so that quantum can come through. But remember this is all a process because negative beliefs about money are not easy to dissolve. A lot of people actually do approach quantum with a linear mentality, because that’s how we were raised. They try to fight those beliefs around money, but they don’t integrate the linear frequencies in order to attract quantum. I’ve observed most often that these people tend to spiral. They start making $10,000 a month, and then their bank account is empty at the end of every month, and then they’re finally making 20,000 a month and then all of a sudden, they have no money left. That is because they’re not a stable container to hold wealth, because that linear time is trying to come into Quantum Time, and it’s not addressing vibrational frequencies.

You can actually learn all of this with my Quantum Money course. What we do in Quantum Money is we utilize frequencies and have this awareness where quantum physics has taken us to an exponential place in our potential for what we can tap into. If we shift our mindset, we can start to approach quantum with quantum, which means that we don’t need to know exactly what it is. When actually knowing what this is, it can pull in linear time. It can pull in our left brain that wants to figure things out.

And then we come to the next point, where another frequency needs to be adjusted, and it’s happening simultaneously. Because quantum picks up every single frequency that is out of alignment with our goal (like becoming a millionaire). We are no longer choosing to operate in a linear framework. We’re also no longer limited. Cycles keep balance. So we’re no longer limited when we operate within quantum time. We can monetize and pull in a myriad of ways of receiving. That’s really the shift that happens between linear time and Quantum Time, shifting from being a creator, to being an alchemist. Mastering the linear world, which doesn’t mean you have to achieve success there first. It just means you have to acknowledge that it exists and that you have been operating there. It’s that simple. Then you have to know that you’re a creator, and you choose all the different paths to attract and create frequencies that lead to your goals.


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