Maybe the Resistance Isn’t to the Changes That Need to Be Made

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I was sitting on the living room floor wondering, “How did I get here? Why does this keep happening when I am doing everything ‘right’ and take better care of myself than 99.9% of people?” I couldn’t comprehend why after a year of feeling amazing, driving again, feeling energized, clear, and empowered, I was back on the floor having micro seizures and panic attacks every time my digestive process began.

None of it made sense. I pray and meditate every day, I have a mindset that is rock solid in acceptance, love, trust, and faith. I literally never utter a cruel word about myself or anyone else, I eat the cleanest, most nutrient-dense foods around. I receive the best mind-body-soul care and have a treasure chest of resources available to me. I’ve invested in the best regenerative care healing technologies that I regularly use.

Deep Acceptance and Trust

God was asking me to experience the deepest acceptance I have ever known. I had to trust more completely than I ever thought possible. Despite my efforts, my beloved body broke down. It would have been easy to look outside myself and ask, “Why me?”. Or to look at others who poison their bodies, minds, and spirits yet manage to live a “normal” life without dis-ease. It would have been just as easy to think, “There’s something wrong with me.”

Both of those options were easy choices given the intensity I found myself in. Instead, I decided to choose differently. I chose to lay down on my back and open my heart to the message that God was bringing through me. THERE IS A NEW WORLD AWAITING FOR YOU, A WORLD NO-BODY HAS EVER FELT BEFORE. A WORLD NO PHYSICAL BODY HAS EVER HELD BEFORE. WHICH MEANS YOUR BODY IS GOING THROUGH A MASSIVE THRESHOLD TO SHIFT INTO THIS NEW REALITY.

This Threshold cost me every last dollar in my checking account and threatened the edges of dipping into my savings. I don’t spiritually bypass the body, which is how I arrived at this space. When the body is going through a Threshold, it needs new levels of support. I am grateful to have walked through a thousand financial thresholds to feel secure taking greater risks for my body and life to expand.

Committed to Inner Work

Every single night, I am on the ground doing the neurological repatterning that brains require to move through a Threshold. My body didn’t feel safe existing in the consciousness I had touched and embodied. In the past, my body didn’t feel safe asking people for money. Or selling my offerings, letting love in, or sharing openly and vulnerably about my journey into wholeness.

Every Single Threshold Exists Because We Get To A Point Where We Don’t Feel Safe In the New Room, The New Life, God Has Called Us Into. What happens for most who don’t know how to train their brain and nervous system is resistance. It’s procrastination, burnout, and often giving up on the dream. I am devoted to always saying YES to God’s dream. Even if it means a period of intense suffering as my body opens up and expands beyond what it has previously known.

I have found safety in understanding how my body, brain, and nervous system work. This means every time I feel unsafe, I know what to do to help my body shift into a state of safety and openness. This is my gift to share with you. As we enter into THRESHOLD on June 6, you will learn the Science and Spirit of walking through any Threshold you find yourself standing in right now, whether it be financial, spiritual, relational, or health-related.

Transform Your Mindset With THRESHOLD

Early Bird ends at 10 am EST Tomorrow (Monday) when we open this launch to the public. Come into this dojo, this holy space, this place of worship where you put your word into action to move in the direction of the greater dream for your life. Tap back into your body as the creation with specific responsibilities to ACT when it’s time to expand.

Come into THRESHOLD with me on June 6 to learn the Science and Spirit of walking through any Threshold you find yourself standing in. Whether it be financial, spiritual, relational, or health-related, the brain requires the same movements, the same process to reprogram it, to do the inner work of expanding and accepting a new room, a new experience you’ve never had before. Transform your mindset with threshold and discover the power of reprogramming your brain for growth and acceptance. If you’ve been sitting in the BUT HOW when people tell you, “you’ve got to expand your inner capacity to receive…or to let go of expectations…or to relax and allow,” THRESHOLD is the answer to HOW.

Transform your mindset with Threshold and take the first step towards a new reality. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. For those of you in the USA, paying honor and respect to the brave hearts and lives we’ve lost at the hands of war this Memorial Day.

In Loving Devotion,

Ahaumna AhMaYah


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