The New Planetary Star Gate System

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Yesterday when I was scrolling the internet, I was seeing all these posts about the 1212 portal and all these different things that just really felt like nonsense. There was no tangible information that can actually guide people to understand what was actually happening on the planet. What energy was coming through?

So generally when you see anything that lines up with the Gregorian calendar and your standard clock (like 12/12 or 11:11) you may commonly find global meditations, and things that require your own discernment. But if you ask the people that host those events about what tey actually mean, they often don’t know.

The mechanics of everything is math and geometry. All of existence is a sequence of numbers and shapes, which govern how elements come together. Where you are talking about, you’re always in a three dimensional space as an individual or a collective. If you’re in a three dimensional space, you have an X, Y and Z axis. If you remember that from school, you are always plotting or pointing somewhere or something. So everything is mapped because we’re all things combined together in a three dimensional sphere. This means since there are infinite cyclical possibilities, we will see a lot of sequences like 12/12, 11:11, or 02/02/2022 etc…

Pretty sure there will be meditations on 02/02/2022, but basically this has something to do with what’s called the cosmic clock. So the larger mission here is called the Kristos Realignment Mission. Kristos is actually referring to geometry, and to a code that basically allows for perpetual quantum exchange. It has to do with inaudible sound tones that create specific forms or Cymatics (specific geometry). So that sequence of actually seven sound tones (which have to do with the Seven Sons of God), which is a sound template or code that allows for unlimited creation, but within a confined spherical domain. So the minute a specific boundary is created, and things  grow inside of those spheres within spheres, how do you ensure that all of it stays in one unbroken connection? So the source consciousness field stays, and it slowly steps itself down, but it remains interconnected. That way there can be eternal creation inside of those domain set structures so that nothing falls apart.

That’s why Kristos has a lot to do with time clocks. For example, if you have a sphere and you cut that sphere in half, then you would have something that looks like a two dimensional circle, right? So imagine this circle has a bunch of little clocks on it. Now if you slice that in half again, you’d have something that looks like a gear, or a crop or a template. You’d have a sphere in the center, and you’d have several around as well, but they’re all offset at different angles. So you have spheres within spheres on different points.

And relating this to clock is not random because in physics, everything spins, everything is a spiral, and that there’s a connection between how a spiral grows and harmonics (from actual musical scale), and having like 12 different frequencies in an octave. Spirals can grow in different ways. They can be in harmonic resonance with other frequency bands, and just keep on growing and growing. So let’s say that this clock has 12 at the top right, and all the mini clocks inside of all the tiny spheres inside of it, should all have 12 lined up as well with the larger clock. However, what’s happening in our system, our 12 is not lined up with the 12 of the larger body that we’re in, which means that the communication from the larger host body Earth for that we’re in is not able to actually happen. And if you think about planets and galaxies and solar systems, every one of these bodies spin at their own rate, to their own direction. So long as you know that  there are much larger domains, you can try to take a leap and align to them. You have to know at what spin speed the other body is spinning and at what angle you’re on. And then there’s also things that can be done by opening up what’s inside the planetary temple, or actually make probability ships. These are also certain alignments happening where you can take a big leap around the so-called clock, and come into a more larger alignment.

It’s good to have a little bit of background on alignments and positive clocks, because much of the work we’ve been doing is very much about being at the right place and at the right time in order to activate and align these sites with some of the larger systems. And this, of course, is also an important aspect of the future. This work is also about keeping viable routes, or a future timeline now available for continued evolution and ascension process. That is mainly what this realignment mission was about. So making sure the north and the south and all the other positions are aligned with Optimus (the unbroken chain), and aligned with the Series B north node, with 31 North, and then also up into what we call Arrow Antenna Lyra.

We recently went to Malibu to the  Virginia Convention, and we were able to show a very sophisticated grid site map that covers all kinds of different sites. It contained many different lines going vertically, horizontally, diagonals, etc… It’s a pretty cool thing to see, because you might get a sense of where you have traveled before. That again, has to do with what was explained before, because we’re actually forming alignments or co-resonance between other aspects of ourselves in different timelines that are in those spaces. So we’re always doing some kind of cross time work.

This year we’ve been on a planetary mission where this probability shifting energy resulted in 3 being aligned. Now we’re trying to basically jump Earth forward to bring it back so that the 12 and 12 are in alignment, and so that Earth is in alignment with the greater body that’s being hosted inside of Earth with the EU. Due to this alignment, there has been an influx of energies that have been coming onto the planet, but a lot of people have felt these energies and not really understood them. From every activation there has been a response from the earth as well. For example, the most recent massive snowstorm and the tsunami warnings where we were at. That being said, to summarize the last pieces of this activation sequence, it has been all about reclaiming the Earth’s alignment and jumping the earth forward through this probability to a probability where the earth has never been in alignment. This means basically blending those timeline probabilities together, so that humanity now starts living in more alignment and resonance with the planet.

Ascension is not an automatic process when you’re going to follow the system and learn, grow, and reorient your entire DNA. There’s been a team of humans as well that have been running these activations with us, not only our pod, but I’ve noticed there’s about three pods basically working with the Guardians, running the activations. I would almost say that we’re assisting in the higher grip, we work more deeper behind the scenes. There are others working on the smaller details, the cleanup. And then, we have a very silent group that are also working with us and guardians, that basically are a lot of our star family that have not been actively engaged in the running of the education system. They’ve been more like in visionary roles, where they’re confirming, seeing, sensing, and affirming the process that’s happening.

So we’ve been going through since June of this year, basically bringing on the new gate sites on the planet, the host gate site in South Carolina, and then linking in all the new gate sites to it. Then certain game sites are a part of the old system that has been compromised, and shut down like the Malibu site or the Hawaii site. We’ve been trying to reclaim them into submission from being hijacked essentially by the false AI matrix and turn them back on line. So from the activations that came through, they basically turned on the self mission of these inner sons to run this new planetary gate site in South Carolina. Then we had one of our human ally friends go to Egypt to reclaim that gate site, and we had the Hawaiian gate site that we reclaimed. And then most recently, we had a 24 hour activation to reclaim the Malibu site which got a tremendous amount of interference, because once we reclaimed the Malibu site, they were finally able to start working on what Alex was talking about the beginning where the rod and the staff are out of alignment  (the 12 and the 12 of the bigger domain are not in alignment with where we are), and actually reclaiming that alignment would eradicate the this virus from our system. So Malibu would be dimension one. In our physical manifestation this is our resource, our ability to be resource, our ability to be abundant, our ability to be sure and to have safety. But that site has been compromised and hijacked since the fall of Tara. So we’re talking about like 500 million years, since the first dimension (Gate One) has been compromised and shut down. This explains why we’re locked into a reality of tremendous suffering and lack, but not actually being able to resource. Resourcing means that we’re receiving energy from source, and we’re continually fueling. Human body is a part of this, experiencing deep primal fears. If you’ve ever taken your consciousness and rested it in your root center for long enough, you will start to see and meet the deepest core of yourself. You’ll find fear of death, of abandonment, of not being enough. That has basically held this planet and all life forms within it into that paradigm of suffering.

No do this mental rehearsal. You have various bodies. Your root chakra is on the physical body and that would be the general location. But then we can talk a little on the planet, which looks spherical. You actually are a sphere going in exactly the same structural level as the planet. It’s just that within the sphere and within these creation codes there can be all kinds of forms. The mechanics of a structure can be seen as pieces creating various forms, but on its core template structure, things look nearly identical, because they all have to connect to one another. So the base One, if you look at where that One in the planetary One connects, there’s a connection between that face and the earth core. This is called the Bio Feed Interface System. We get perpetual creation, currents, all kinds of different flows up through the core of the planet that we use for manifestation.

Just so you know, the planet is literally tilted around like 23.5 degrees and you can Google this. When you’re in alignment, you allow the perpetual lifeforce or conscious intelligence to have an unbroken connection to flow all the way down to stay at one with source. So we had compensation on many of these levels. They were out of alignment. Now, what’s interesting is we still are technically out of alignment, because if we were back in alignment, there would be weather chaos and we would all probably be dead. Eventually, the planet will come back to correct itself in a place that won’t just wipe out all light fields rapidly. So part of the mission here was using deeper levels of the field of the planet.Of course it’s not just in relation to physical therapy, there’s also all kinds of inner bodies as well, that become more based in spirit or spirit matter. So we’re actually opening up and interfacing with these gates, not just us, but a large team for quite some time to go back to these other sorts of deep systems, basically go back inwards instead of going up in the dimensions that go inwards. What we’ve been doing is opening alternative routes to go inwards (you can understand this better with a diagram) instead of moving upwards and facing the barrier. Gate one, particularly, has a special connection to what we call the Hub Domains. And we’ll go into more details on this but really quick, the simplest way to kind of get a visual for a Hub Domain is like the center of a wheel. This hub has more gates in it. So we’re actually going into the hub, because it allows us to jump to all kinds of different places in the cosmos. You don’t have to work through the Outer Cape sets into these larger and larger bodies. This is the main reason why we just don’t continue to fall until eventually we get back to alignment.

Our spirit came into our bodies to open these gates and as we are born in the physical body, we lose our memory of why we came here. Now speakers that provide this information are actually walkins that host physical bodies and don’t forget their purpose. In the meantime, they help other people to remember their journey of ascension.

What we’ve been doing this year is starting an energetic tidal wave, like a tsunami. And immediately when the activation started, there was an earthquake at the gate sites right when we pulled this energy down. There was an earthquake in Mexico, we know we’re getting tsunami warnings in LA. It’s a confirmation of what we’re doing on the energy planes. It’s like when we opened up that volcano in Hawaii, and the next thing you know, all these earthquakes and fires are happening, because there’s always going to be a response. And we’re trying to do it incrementally.

Again, what’s being made available here is transmigration of consciousness. Part of the importance of practices that allow you to take your consciousness and project with other aspects of your Spiritual Anatomy is that you actually know when people transition, where they’re going.

Part of the ascension process is practicing, actually moving your consciousness into different spaces. If you are reading this right now, and you’re resonating with this, you’re one of those individuals that is here, helping to actually be the bridge to make the leap, so when the time is right, you’ll take the rest of your full physical atomic structure, or you may drop the body and actually take all of the memory and experience to go through a proper Bardot sequence.

There can be different lenses of how people are going to transition off. And it’s not the end, there is no end. Ultimately, when it comes to consciousness and evolution, there is a question about whether the work you are doing affects the 200 year ascension timeline Ashiana deems. The truth is that we haven’t had a very specific update from the Guardians, even from the rest of that field of work, but our work definitely impacts because we move and bring down massive flows of energy, which changes matter really quickly.

So wrap up, it’s important to know that when we return back to source, all of our experience gives value to our consciousness, our learning and growing. If you didn’t make a right choice before, with time you’ll see it becomes a sacred experience because it gets you to your actual level of consciousness. So all experiences are sacred. In that though, we have two different paths. The artificial path, and the natural organic path. In the natural organic path, we are constantly regenerating energy, receiving energy from the source, and evolving in energy. Whereas in the artificial reconstructed path of the system, the energy is siphoning from us with cell phones and artificial intelligence. However, now at this moment, where we have a very interesting opportunity, because we are living in a planetary system that is actually shifting out of being hijacked by this artificial matrix, into its organic intelligence again. We’re receiving energy from dimensions that are not suffering the misalignment.


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